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    Promotion runs daily. Individual promotion terms apply, once per customer per day. UK customers only. Eligibility rules, iOS App, location and currency restrictions and terms and conditions apply.
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Game Rules

World Football Stars 2014

5-reel 15-line slotsThe Hall of Champions!

The goal of the main game in Top Trumps World Football Stars online slot is to match symbols on active paylines across the reels to win cash amounts.

To Play the Game:

  • When the game has loaded you will first be prompted to choose two teams from a list of seven international football teams. These will add special features to the game and will be discussed in further detail below.
  • Next, you must set the value of the coin you will use for the slot. Press the Click to Change button on the left of the screen to adjust the value. The coin value will be the amount in increments that the Line Bet can be increased or decreased.
  • Then, choose your Line Bet by pressing the Bet per Line button on the bottom of the screen. Pressing will add a coin to the Line Bet.
  • Finally, choose between 1 and 15 paylines. These are highlighted on screen when pressing the Lines Button. You can also choose your paylines by selecting one of the numbers on the side of the game reels. Please Note: if, for example, you select the number ‘9’ from the side of the reels, lines 1-8 will also be activated.
  • The Total Bet per spin is calculated as Line Bet x Number of Lines. When you have selected your Total Bet, hit Spin to start the slot. You can also spin the reels by pressing Max Bet, this will play at the maximum number of lines at your selected Line Bet.
  • You can also use the Autoplay function to set a preselected number of spins to play one after another. Press the Autoplay button on the bottom of the screen and use the +/- button to increase or decrease the number of spins to be played. You can stop the Autoplay process by selecting the Stop button.
  • All winning combinations and their values are displayed in the paytable. This can be accessed by selecting the Info button from the bottom left of the screen. Line Wins are x Bet per Line. Thus, landing 5 ‘Ace’ symbols on an active payline at a Line Bet of €0.10 would pay x 300, i.e. €300.  Scatter Wins are paid x Total Bet. More information on Scatter Wins will be explained below.
  • Multiple wins on different paylines are added together and paid as a Total Win. This will be displayed in a box on the bottom of the screen.
  • After any win, except a Jackpot win, you will be given the option to use the Gamble Feature to increase your winnings. The Gamble Feature will be explained in greater detail below.

Info Page:

Select the Info Button from the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to display informational pages for Top Trumps World Football Stars online slot. Use the arrow buttons on the bottom right of the screen to move through the pages. Click Back at any time to return to the main reels. The Info Pages will display:

  • The Paytable Page – displays the winning symbols combinations and their values. It also displays brief information on some of the Bonus Features.
  • The Choose your Team Page – gives information on the process of selecting your teams from the list as well as what this means for your game. More on this below.
  • The Mixed Pay Page – provides information on the Mixed Pay Symbol combinations. More on this below.
  • The Free Games Page – gives information on the Free Games Bonus.
  • The Pass the Ball Bonus Page – provides information on the Pass Ball Bonus
  • The Gamble Feature Page – shows the relevant information for playing the Gamble Feature.
  • You can load a graphic display of the paylines by selecting the Show Paylines button from the Paytable Page.


Paylines are the line shapes the winning symbol combinations must fall on to win. If you press the Lines button you can view the different paylines on the reels.

Only active paylines can have winning combinations. Thus, if you are only playing Line 1 you will only be paid for matching symbols on that payline.

Please Note: there is a clear difference between the Line Bet and the Total Bet. The Line Bet is a wager on matching symbols on an active payline. The Total Bet is the accumulative wager on all active paylines.

The Scatter Symbols do not need to be on an active payline to form a win. More information on Scatter Symbols below.

About Payouts:

All payouts are displayed on the Paytable. For the value of a Line Win, multiply the Line Bet by the relevant value of the symbols on the Paytable.

For this slot, in certain circumstances, lines pay in both directions i.e. from left to right and right to left. This will be explained in greater detail below.

All symbol wins must be in an unbroken chain of symbols starting from reel 1 or reel 5. This does not include Scatter Wins.

Choose Your Teams Feature:

When loading the game you will be prompted to pick 2 from 7 international football teams: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Pick one team from the left hand column and 1 team from the right. The team you choose from the left hand column will pay as a symbol win from left to right. The team you pick from the right hand column will pay as a symbol win from right to left on the reels. All selections are the same in terms of monetary value and no advantage can be gained from the team that you pick. When you pick 2 teams, players from those nations will be present on the reels during play. Only symbols from the nations that you choose will be present during game play. You can change your chosen teams after any spin by selecting from the top corners of the screen. Please note: you must exit Autoplay mode to change your team.

Lines Pay Both Ways:

When you have selected your two international teams, the selection from the left will be active as a symbol combination from left to right on the reels, starting with reel 1. The selection from the right hand column will be active from right to left, starting from reel 5. In addition to the team symbols, Royal Symbols also pay both ways in both the base game and Free Games Bonus. The highest win is paid in each direction. 5 of a kind pays only once. In the main game Mixed Combinations pay depending on the team, in Free Games they both ways regardless of which columns you have selected your team from.

Wild Symbol:

The Wild Symbol substitutes for all other standard symbols to help form winning combinations. There are some exceptions:

  • The Wild Symbol will not substitute for the Free Games Bonus Symbol.
  • The Wild Symbol will not substitute for the Pass the Ball Bonus Symbol.
  • The Wild Symbol will not substitute for the Top Trumps Scatter Symbol.
  • The Wild Symbol will not substitute for a team Symbol in a Mixed Pay Symbol combination.

The Wild Symbol also has its own standalone value for matching 2 or more Wild Symbols on an active payline. When this occurs there is likely to be an overlap between the Wild Symbol win and the Wild Symbol forming another winning combination with other symbol. In this scenario you will be paid for whichever win has the highest value.

Scatter Symbols:

The Scatter Symbols are active regardless of where they land on the screen. If you land 2 or more Scatter Symbols on the reels you will be paid a multiplier of your Total Bet. Information on the payouts for Scatter Symbols can be found on the Paytable.

Pass the Ball Bonus:

The Pass the Ball Bonus is activated when the Ball Symbol lands on Reel 2 with a left side team player directly adjacent on the left, or when the Ball Symbol lands on Reel 4 with a right side team player directly adjacent on the right. In the Pass the Ball Bonus:

  • The Ball will be passed amongst all players on the screen who represent the nation of the player that triggered the Pass the Ball Bonus.
  • For each player that the Ball is passed to, you will receive 3x the Total Bet amount.
  • When all players have received the Ball you will be presented with a Total Win.
  • The Pass the Ball Bonus is not active during the Free Games Bonus.

Mixed Pay Feature:

The international football teams that you choose will each provide 3 players to act as symbols in the game. Each player has their own value in a matching combination. However, matching 3 or more symbols from the same nation on an active payline will also pay, regardless of whether the players match or not. For example, if England was one of your chosen nations, and you landed Steven Gerrard, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney on a payline in any order you would win 10x the Line Bet. In the main game team 1 (the team chosen from the left hand column) will pay for mixed symbols from left to right, whereas team 2 will pay from right to left. In the Free Games Bonus both teams will pay both ways.

Please Note the Wild Symbol does not substitute in Mixed Pay combinations.

Free Games:

The Free Games Bonus is awarded when the National Flag Symbol of one of your chosen teams land on reels 1 and 5. Please note: Free Spins are only awarded when the same National Flag Symbol appears. When the Free Games Bonus is awarded:

  • You will be awarded 12 Free Spins with reel enhancements.
  • Symbols from the other team are removed, with extra symbols added for the team that triggered the Free Games.
  • Paylines are active both ways for all standard symbols, including the Mixed Pay awards.
  • The 12 spins will play out automatically, with a total win counter displaying the accumulative total win.
  • Free Games cannot be retriggered as the Flag Symbols are removed from the reels.
  • The Ball Symbol is also removed, thus the Pass the Ball Bonus cannot be triggered during Free Games.
  • The bet for Free Games is the same as the triggering bet in the base game. This cannot be adjusted.
  • When all Free Games have been played through the Bonus will end. At this point your Total Win for Free Games will be displayed, including any extra wins from the triggering spin.

Please note: If the Free Games Bonus has been awarded when using Autoplay mode, they will not begin until you press the Click to Start button. When the Bonus is finished, you can click Continue to finish your selected amount of Autoplay spins.


Top Trumps World Football Stars slot offers players a Gamble Feature that can be used to increase their winnings.

After any win the Gamble Button will flash. Press if you wish to enter the Gamble Feature game. When entering the Gamble Feature:

  • You will be taken to a new screen with 5 playing cards face down.
  • The Dealers card is the leftmost of the 5 cards.
  • You will have 3 options: Double, Double Half or Collect.
  • The objective of the Gamble Feature is to pick a card with a higher value than the Dealer’s card.
  • A correct guess will double your winnings, then you can choose to Collect or play again.
  • An incorrect guess will forfeit your winnings and return you to the main reels.
  • Choose Double Half to collect half your winnings and gamble the rest.
  • You can keep doubling until you guess incorrectly or reach the Maximum Double Limit. This information is displayed in the Gamble Feature Info page.

Please Note: the Gamble Feature is not available during the Free Games Bonus or when playing in Autoplay mode.


The Following Buttons appear from left to right across the bottom of the screen:

Info – Opens the Information Pages, including the Paytable.

Auto Start/ Stop – allows the Autoplay function to be activated/stopped.

+/- Buttons – increases or decreases the number of Autospins.

Lines – allows you to adjust the number of lines or view the paylines

Bet per Line – sets the value of the Line Bet.

Bet Max – spins the reels at the maximum number of lines for your Line Bet.

Spin/Stop – spins the reels at your chosen Total Bet/ press Stop to speed up the animations during spins for more rapid play.

Gamble – initiates the Gamble Feature after a win.

The bottom of the game screen displays the casino tool bar. This contains the following options:


Select this to open up the Casino Cashier (bank) where you can make a withdrawal or deposit. You can also use the Cashier to view your William Hill Casino transaction history.

Play for Real Money

This option will only be available to you when you are playing Offline or in Fun Mode. The idea is that you can switch from play to real money. Selecting it will either take you to the Real Money login page where you log in to your account, or take you to a page to register a Real Money account at William Hill Casino online.


Selecting this will open the Chat function. However you will only be able to chat to other players in multiplayer games. In this game you may be contacted by a casino advisor via the chat function.


Selecting Menu allows you to do the following:

  • View game history
  • Open Options for sound adjustment etc.
  • Contact an advisor for online support.


Select this button in order to close the game, end the session and return to the casino lobby. If you are playing in a new window the function will be marked as Close. If you are playing in the same window as the lobby the function will be marked as Lobby.

Shortcut Keys

You can use shortcut keys on your device keyboard instead of using the cursor.

  • Tab – Allows you to move between and the different buttons on screen.
  • Enter – Enables the function for the button that is highlighted.
  • Spacebar – Spins the slot reels.
  • Esc – Exits the game and returns you to the lobby.

Note on Disconnections:

The casino software is designed to remember the point in the game where you became disconnected. Thus, if you lose connection to the internet you should be returned to the same point in the game.

  • If you are disconnected during the Free Games Bonus, you will be able to play the rest of the Bonus on re-establishing the connection.
  • If you are disconnected when playing in Autoplay mode in the middle of a spin that spin will be played, but subsequent spins will not. You can view the outcome of the spin by selecting game history from the Options Menu.
  • If you are disconnected when playing the Gamble Feature you will be returned to the same point in the feature if the Dealer’s card has been viewed, i.e. the game has started. If the Dealer’s card has not been viewed your winnings will automatically be collected.

Note on Malfunctions:

In the event of malfunction all bets are void, with stakes being returned to the player.

Note on Large Wins:

Win over $10,000 – or the equivalent in your currency- are considered Large Wins and must be verified by the casino operator before becoming available for withdrawl etc.