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  • The Bonus Drop
    Promotion runs daily. Individual promotion terms apply, once per customer per day. UK customers only. Eligibility rules, iOS App, location and currency restrictions and terms and conditions apply.
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Game Rules

Wild Gambler

5-Reel, 20-Line SlotRoulette Meets Slots!

The object of Wild Gambler online casino slot is to spin the reels and to win - achieve the best symbol combinations. The game’s unique Lock & Spin functions allows you lock Wilds into place to increase your chances of winning.

To play the game:

  • Click the Line Stakes arrow buttons to rise or cut the per-line bet.
  • Wild Gambler has a set 20 active paylines; hence, the total amount of paylines cannot be altered.
  • In Wild Gambler, a regular symbol can morph into a Wild symbol, by clicking on it.  Click on the Wild again and it will revert to a regular symbol.
  • Click Spin to spin the reels with the line bet you’ve chosen. Click Spin again, once the reels are spinning, to see the spin outcome right away.
  • The total bet is displayed in the Stake box (on top of the Spin button).
  • Click Lock & Spin to keep the Wild symbols that are on on the reels, and to spin the reels so that the other symbols are the only ones that spin and change. The total amount wagered is shown in the Stake box, which is located above the Lock & Spin button; the amount will change subject to where the locked Wilds appear on the reels, but the total amount staked when in Lock & Spin mode is always more than it is in during regular spins (without locked Wilds).
  • Locked Wilds have a padlock icon on the symbol.
  • In Auto Lock mode, Wild symbols are locked in place automatically as soon as the Lock & Spin feature is accessed.
  • Auto Lock is the default mode; disable it via Options, which is at the lower left of the screen.
  • In normal spin mode, total stake equals the line stake multiplied by the set number of lines (20). In Lock & Spin mode, the total stake changes according to where the Wilds symbols are situated on the reels.
  • The Auto Play function spins the reels automatically (without the need to click Spin each time).
    • Click Auto Play and choose the number of spins; click Spin to start the Auto Play function.
    • The Auto Play button turns into Stop while in Auto Play mode.
    • Auto Play mode has ended once the reels have spun the set number of times, when the Free Spins feature is triggered, if you don’t have enough funds to repeat the bet, or when you click Stop.
    • Auto Play cannot be played in Lock & Spin mode.
  • Click Options to open the Options menu, and to set the Auto Lock feature, to save the existing Wild layout to default, or to activate the default Wild layout.
  • Click Paytable, also located in the lower left corner of the screen to access the paytable. Click Next until you get to the Pays screen.
  • Only the highest winning combination on a payline pays out. Wins on different lines are accumulated.
  • After a winning spin, the Win field shows the win per line, and the Total Win field shows the winnings from all win lines. (In the Lock & Spin mode the total stake is also displayed in the Total Win field.)


  • Click Paytable to open the screen that explains the elements of the game. Click Next in the lower right of the window to navigate between the different screens:
    • The Lock & Spin screen explains the Lock & Spin mode.
    • The Play Your Way screen describes how to change the normal symbols into Wilds as well as how to save your Wild layout.
    • The Free Spins screen explains how to trigger the feature and lists the rules.
    • The Pays screen displays all the winning combinations.
    • The Win Lines explains how to calculate the payline wins.
  • Click Back to Reels to exit and to return to the main game.


  • Winning paylines have lines over the reels.
  • All 20 lines in Wild Gambler are active and can pay out in the case of winning combinations.
  • A “line stake” is the amount that the player bets on each of the 20 lines; the “total stake” is the entire bet for the game round (line stake X 20).  


  • Payouts are shown on the Pays screen.
  • If, on the same line, there are two winning combinations, the higher combination pays out. If more than one line shows a winning combination, all of the winnings are combined.
  • Winning combinations are counted if they appear from the first reel on the left, and the symbols must be consecutive (next to each other).

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is able to substitute for all other symbols to form the winningest combination. Get another payout for five (5) Wild symbols on a payline.

Lock & Spin Mode

  • In Wild Gambler’s Lock & Spin mode, you can “hold” the Wild symbols that appear on the reels and spin all the others.
  • In Auto Lock mode (which is the default mode), all Wilds on the reels remain in place as soon as the player clicks Lock & Spin. New Wilds that turn up on the reels are also then also locked in their place and held through the following spins.
  • When the Auto Lock feature is disabled, the Wilds you’ve chosen will be remain and be forwarded in the Lock & Spin mode.
  • Disable or enable Auto Lock from the Options menu in the bottom left of the game window.
  • Using Lock & Spin riases the total stake, which is shown in the Stake box. This button is located above the Lock & Spin. The total stake depends on where the Wilds are situated on the reels. It is possible to change the cost of the Lock & Spins by clicking the arrow buttons alongside the Lock & Spin stake box.
  • A message will be displayed asking if you are sure you want to use the Lock & Spin feature the first time you click on it. This is because it is a higher than the normal spin stake. If the stake goes up significantly compared to a normal spin, a message will ask if you want to continue.

Modifying Wilds

  • In Wild Gambler you can modify any Wild symbol by clicking on it, causing it to be “locked” in place.
  • Clicking on other Wilds can unlock them in the spin results (when Auto Lock is on) or lock them (when Auto Lock is off).
  • When they are locked, the Wilds will not move or change between spins. The other symbols will, however, change when the reels are spun while in the Lock & Spin mode.
  • If Auto Lock is enabled, a small black padlock in the corner of the Wild symbol shows that you are in locked mode; when Auto Lock is disabled, the colour of the padlock will be red.
  • Locked Wilds will remain locked until they are unlocked or until the normal spin mode is activated. Click a Wild to unlock it manually and to take away the Wild symbol from the reels.

Saving Your Favourite Wild layout

  • Should a particular Wild layout be your favourite, and it is one you would like to use repeatedly, it is possible to save it as your default layout.
  • It is easy to save or activate your default Wild layout – simply click Options at the lower left of the game screen.

Free Spins

  • When playing in the main game, meerkat symbols may appear onscreen. They will show up at the bottom of your game screen, holding up letters. If five (5) meerkats appear with “B,” “O,” “N,” “U,” and “S” following a spin, they will trigger the Free Spins feature, and you’ll see a message saying that you have collected 8 Free Spins.
  • Click Start to begin the free spins.
  • During Free Spins, the reels automatically spin with the identical wager per line as on the spin that triggered the Free Spin round.
  • Each of the Wilds from the trigger spin will be locked in place and any additional Wilds will also be locked for the rest of the free spins.
  • After every Free Spin, the Win field shows the amount of lines with wins. The Total Win field displays all of the current spin’s winnings, and Free Spins Total are the winnings from all the free spins played up to now. After all the Free Spins are finished, the amount won during the free spins is also shown in the main game’s Total Win field.
  • If Free Spins are activated during Auto Play mode, they begin when you click Start. Auto Play does not automatically resume after all the free spins have been played.


  • Should you be disconnected while playing online in the main game (with or without Auto Play), your spin will be completed. When you log back in, you will be directed back to the game, and you can continue the game from the point you left off. The winning lines and the amount you won will be displayed.
  • A disconnection while you’re in the Free Spins feature means the spin will be concluded and you will be taken back to the game after you log in again to the casino. The most recent format of locked Wilds will be reestablished. In cases of winning spins, the winning lines and any winnings will be shown.
  • Disconnection during the spin that triggered Free Spins means you can return to the start of the Free Spins round when you log back into the casino.
  • If, while in the last free spin, you are disconnected, the spin will finish. Following login, you will be returned to the main game. The amount you have won while in free spins mode will be shown in the Total Win field in the main game.


All malfunctions will void all activity.

Unresolved bets:

Unresolved wagers are void after 90 days.