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    Promotion runs daily. Individual promotion terms apply, once per customer per day. UK customers only. Eligibility rules, iOS App, location and currency restrictions and terms and conditions apply.
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Game Rules

Soirée Blackjack

Hit for 21Careful not to bust

The objective of playing Live Blackjack online is to get a score higher than the dealer without going bust. This online blackjack game is played with live dealers in a real-time stream. This game is played with eight decks of 52 standard playing cards.

Getting Started:

You will be automatically seated and the table when the screen has loaded. If you wish to change seats, wait to the round ends and click Take Seat below a free seat.

When you join a table, you will be given the option to play in the main game or choose the Bet Behind option. This will allow you to bet on the hand of another player.

A Multi- Seat option can be enabled by William Hill Casino. This will allow you to play multiple hands. Simply click Multi Seat under a seat to add another hand.

How to Play:

A game may be in progress when you join the table. Wait a few moments for the current round to end before placing your bets.

  • Click on a chip to select it. Then click on the blackjack table to place a chip as a bet.
  • Click again on another chip in the same manner if you wish to bet more than one chip. You can remove a chip from the table by clicking on it while pressing shift on your keyboard.
  • Press Confirm when you are happy with your bets.

Note: The betting round is played on a timer. Any bets that have not been confirmed will not be placed. You can set Auto-Confirm through the settings, which will mean that all bets placed on the table will be confirmed when the timer runs out.

The game will begin once the timer has run out.

  • Use the Hit, Deal, Insurance Double and Split buttons as necessary.

Winnings will be paid directly into your balance once the round ends.

Early Decision:

The Early Decision option is designed to help with the flow of the live game. If it is enabled, it means that players can make their moves before it is their turn to act. If you do not use Early Decision, the standard buttons will appear on screen when it is your move.

Insurance Bet:

If the dealer is showing an Ace, you will be offered Insurance. Click the button to place the bet, which will win if the dealer finishes with blackjack.

Side Bets:

It is possible to place side bets in Live Blackjack. Simply place a chip on the part of the table that matches your side bet choice. The side bets are explained in the table below:

Side Bet


Player Pair

Bet that you will have any pair in your first two cards.

Dealer Pair

Bet that the dealer will have any pair in their first two cards.

Perfect Pair

Bet that you or the dealer will have a pair of the same suit.

Coloured Pair

Bet that you or the dealer will have a pair of the same colour.

Red/Black Pair

Bet that you or the dealer will get a pair featuring a combination of red and black cards.

Please note: To place a side bet, you must place a bet in the main game first.

21+3 Side Bet:

The 21+3 Side Bet is a wager on a three-card poker hand being formed with the player’s two cards and the dealer’s first card.

The winning hands are shown in the table below:

21+3 Hand:

Hand consists of:

Suited Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind, all of the same suit.

Straight Flush

Three cards in consecutive order, all of the same suit.

Three of a Kind

Three cards of the same value.


Three cards running in consecutive order.


Three cards of the same suit.

Game UI

The game’s unique features and displays are described below:

Chat – Enter text and press Send to chat with the dealer and other players. Please be aware that you cannot use the chat function without any funds in your game balance.

Mini Games – play mini casino games alongside the main game. Please be aware that these can be disabled by the casino.

Video Feed – you can switch the mode from simple mode to full mode. If you hover over the game actions on the video feed they will show various actions that can be performed, for example change camera view.

Timer – the timer – showing how long you have to place your bets – is located on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Game History – the recent history of the game is displayed on the right of the video feed. You can use the Earlier and Later arrows to find more results.

Game Limits – you can view the minimum and maximum betting limits on the game limits panel. If you click the panel you will be able to view the limits for specific bets.

Tip – if you wish, you can leave the dealer a tip. Place a chip on the Tips panel on the table and press confirm.


At certain intervals, the following buttons appear on screen during a round:

Rebet – places the same bet as the previous round.

Clear – removes all chips from the table.

Confirm – confirms the bets that have been placed.

Hit – deals another card to your hand.

Stand – plays out the round with the current hand.

Double – doubles your bet and deals one final card to your hand.

Split – splits your hand in two and plays out the round with two separate hands. This will cost a stake equal to your initial bet.

Insurance – places a bet on the dealer having blackjack.

Return to Player:

The theoretical Return to Player (RTP) for Live Blackjack (main game) is 99.46%. The RTP for Side Bets is 95.90% (Pairs) and 96.30% (21+3).

Casino Toolbar:

The upper and lower edges of the screen hold general tools and displays. These are described below:

Game Balance – displays your current balance at the casino.

Cashier – select to open the main banking menu. You can use the Cashier to make deposits and withdrawals, or to view your transaction history.

Play for Real Money – click this button to play Live Blackjack online for real money. This is only applicable if you are not already playing using a real money account.

Menu – click the tools icon to access these further options:

  • History = see the results of previous rounds.
  • Options = change audio, speeds and graphics settings.
  • Help = open this help guide.
  • Online Support = contact online customer service.

Close – press to exit from the game and go back to casino lobby.

Quick Deposit – add funds to your account using your preferred deposit methods. A list of quick deposit options can also appear in a popup window if your balance runs low.

Gadget Bar – choose a gadget (if one or more is enabled) from the menu on the right-hand side of the screen. Gadgets can include mini online casino games, which can be played alongside the main game. You may also find information on the latest bonus offers and promos from William Hill.