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  • The Bonus Drop
    Promotion runs daily from 01.12.2020 to 30.03.2021. Individual promotion terms apply, one per customer per day. UK customers only. Eligibility rules, location and currency restrictions and terms and conditions apply.
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Game Rules

Genie's Hi-Lo

Higher? Lower?Red? Black?

Genie’s Hi-Lo is an easy-to-play casino card game. The aim is to guess the value of the next drawn card from a deck. You can bet on whether it will be higher or lower, red or black, or a combination of both. This traditional casino games should be a big hit with fans of online blackjack and poker!

How to Play:

  • Use the +/- buttons to set the bet per round.
  • Press Confirm when you have set the bet to the desired amount.
  • Pick one of the cards from the Genie’s hand by clicking on it. Alternatively, press Autopick to have a card selected at random.

Once the card is revealed, you will be given the following betting options:

  • Higher – bet that the next card will have a higher value.
  • Lower – bet that the next card with have a lower value.
  • Red – bet that the next card will be red (Diamonds or Hearts).
  • Black – bet that the next card will be black (Spades or Clubs).

Note: It is possible to combine one of the first two options with one of the second two options. This will increase the potential payout.

Note: Payouts are based on probability. Thus, for example, betting that the next card will be lower than a Queen will have a lower payout than betting that it will be higher.

As you choose your bets, the potential payout will be shown on screen. Press Confirm when you have made your bet selections.

The deck will be shuffled and you will be prompted to choose the next card from Genie’s hand. Once again, you can select the Autopick option to have a hand randomly selected for you.

Concluding the game:

Once the second card is revealed, the winner will be declared. If you have guessed correctly, you will be able to bank your winnings (Cashout) or Continue. Selecting Continue will move on to the next round with the last drawn card as the base card.

If you are successful, you can keep increasing your winnings and move up the pay-scale on the left of the screen. This also acts as a game record, showing how your initial stake has increased through the rounds. If you reach the top of the scale, your winnings will be automatically banked.

An incorrect guess will end the game and forfeit your stake.

Please note:

  • Aces are regarded as the lowest value card.
  • Revealing a card of the same value results in a loss in the Higher/Lower bet.


Genie’s Hi-Lo is played using the following on-screen buttons:

+/- Bet – increases/decreases the initial bet.

Confirm – confirms your selections.

Autopick – chooses a card randomly.

Cashout – banks your winnings and ends the game.

Continue – proceeds to the next round.

Try Again – starts a new game.

Shortcut Keys:

It is possible to play Genie’s Hi-Lo using your computer keyboard:

Tab – highlights and moves across the buttons on screen.

Enter – clicks on the highlighted button.

Casino Toolbar:

You can find general tools and displays on the Casino Toolbar, which runs along the upper and lower parts of the screen. Brief descriptions are found below:

Game Balance – shows a current display of your casino account balance.

Cashier – click to make a deposit or withdrawal. You can also use the Cashier to view your transaction history.

Play for Real Money – press to play Genie’s HI-Lo for real money at William Hill Casino. This information is only applicable if you are playing in Fun Mode/offline.

Menu – select to open a mini-menu with the following tools:

  • History – see results of previous rounds.
  • Options – change general settings, including audio and graphics.
  • Help – open this rules guide.
  • Online Support – contact online customer service.

Close – press to close down the current game tab and go back to the main menu.

Quick Deposit – select from your preferred deposit methods to add money to your account. A list of these options can appear in a pop up window if your balance drops below a certain level.

Gadget Bar – pick a gadget (when at least one is enabled) from the menu on the right of the screen. Gadgets can include mini casino games, which can be played at the same time as Genie’s Hi-Lo. The menu can also hold information on online bonus offers and promotions from William Hill Casino.

Note on Disconnections:

If you lose internet connection in the middle of a game, log back into the casino and load the game again. You will be able to continue playing from the point that the connection was lost. Use the History Tool if you wish to view previous results.

Note on Malfunctions:

A malfunction will void all bets.