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    Promotion runs daily. Individual promotion terms apply, once per customer per day. UK customers only. Eligibility rules, iOS App, location and currency restrictions and terms and conditions apply.
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Game Rules

Classic Roulette

Classic RouletteRoulettes to suit everyone’s tastes

The objective of playing Classic Roulette online is to place bets on where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. The wheel consists of the numbers 1-36 (coloured red and black alternatively) and a 0 position (coloured green). You can place several different types of bets in online roulette.

The game is played with standard European rules.

How to Play:

  • Select a chip by clicking on it.
  • Click again on the relevant position of the Betting Table to place a chip. Each click will add another chip of the same value to that position. You can bet multiple chips of different values on the same or different positions, providing you do not exceed the maximum betting limit.
  • Press Spin when you are happy with your bet selections. This will confirm your bets and start the game.

Note: You can remove a chip before the game starts by right-clicking on it. Click Clear Bets to remove all chips and start again.

Note: The maximum and minimum betting limits are shown in a panel on the top centre of the screen. The amounts shown may depend on your VIP level.

Note: Winning bets will be highlighted on the Betting Table and paid into your balance.

  • Select chips again when the game has ended, or press Rebet to place the same bets as the previous round.



Places the same chips as the previous rounds.

Clear Bets

Removes all chips from the Betting Table.


Confirms bets and starts the game.

Casino Toolbar:

The upper and lower edge of the screen holds the Casino Toolbar. It contains the following buttons and displays:

Game Balance – displays your current available balance.

Cashier – launches the main banking tool. You can use the Cashier to make deposits and withdrawals, or to access banking history options.

Play for Real Money – appears only when you are playing online casino games in Fun Mode. Press it to play Classic Roulette online for real money.

Menu (Tools) – select Menu to open the following further options:

  • History – see the history of recent rounds.
  • Options – adjust your game settings, including graphics and audio.
  • Help – load this helpful text.
  • Online support – contact the online customer support team.

Close – press to exit from the current game tab and return to the main casino menu.

Quick Deposit – use this tool to make ultra-fast deposits without needing to open the Cashier. The Quick Deposit Menu may pop up in a window (one time per session) should your balance run low.

Gadget Bar – appears on the right-hand side of your screen when it is enabled. It might contain mini casino games. These games can be played alongside your current game. It may also have information on promos and casino bonus offers that are currently being offered to you at William Hill.

Shortcut Keys:

You can use your keyboard to play Classic Roulette using the following keys:

Tab – moves across and highlights the game buttons.

Enter – selects the button that is highlighted (like clicking on it).

Spacebar – places the same bet as the previous one. Press again to start the game.

Number Keys – selects chips. Each number on your keyboard corresponds to a different chip. These are subject to your VIP level.

Esc – exits from the current game.

Note on Large Wins:

Any win over $10,000 (or equivalent in GBP) must be verified by a live operator.

Note on Malfunctions:

A malfunction will void all bets, with the stake returned to the player.

Note on Disconnections:

Should you lose your internet connection while in the middle of a game round, that game will nevertheless be completed.  Your outcome can be seen by accessing History when you reconnect to the internet. Any winning bets will be paid into your balance.


The table below shows the popular bets that can be made in Classic Roulette:

Bet Type



Straight Up

A bet on the ball landing on a specific number (0-36).

35 to 1

Split Bet

A bet on any two neighbouring numbers, e.g. 13-14.

17 to 1

Street Bet

A bet on three numbers on a single line (street), e.g. 1-2-3.

11 to 1

Corner Bet

A bet on any four numbers that form a square, e.g. 26-27-29-30.

8 to 1

Four Bet

A bet on the numbers 0-1-2-3.

8 to 1

Line Bet

A bet on two adjoining streets, e.g. 1-2-3 and 4-5-6.

5 to 1

Column Bet

A bet on a column of numbers (12 numbers), e.g. 2-5-8-11-14-17-20-23-26-29-32-35.  

2 to 1

Dozen Bet

A bet on a numerically dozen, e.g. 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.

2 to 1

Red/Black Bet

A bet on the ball landing on a red or black position on the wheel.

1 to 1

Even/Odd Bet

A bet on the ball landing on an odd or even number on the wheel.

1 to 1

Low High Bet

A bet on 1-18 (Low) or 19-36 (High).

1 to 1