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    Promotion runs daily. Individual promotion terms apply, once per customer per day. UK customers only. Eligibility rules, iOS App, location and currency restrictions and terms and conditions apply.
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Game Rules

Age of the Gods: Roulette

European style layout Roulette table4 -Tier Age of the Gods Jackpot!

Age of the Gods Roulette is played like a standard game of online roulette, i.e. betting on where the ball will land after the wheel comes to rest. However, there is in addition a special Age of the Gods Bonus position to bet on. It also features the Age of the Gods Jackpot, which gives you the chance to win one of four Progressive Jackpots linked across all Age of the Gods and Marvel Games ranges.

How to Play:

  • Select a chip by clicking on it. Then place it on the part of the betting table you wish to bet on.
  • If you hover your cursor over a position on the betting table it will show the numbers that are included in the bet, the potential payout, the current bet and information on maximum and minimum bets.
  • Place as many chips (as long as you do not exceed the maximum bet) as you like on a single position or on different positions on the betting table. Each time you click on a position it will add a chip of the same value to the bet. You can select multiple chips of different values for each position if you wish. Information on the maximum and minimum bets is displayed in a box on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • You can remove a chip by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the position again. You can also remove a chip by clicking on Undo, or remove all chips and start again by clicking on Clear all Bets.
  • You can select the Double button to quickly double all bets made.
  • When you have selected your bets click on Confirm Bets. This will ensure that your bets are eligible for the next game. You can place bets after this, but you must click on Confirm Bets before the game timer runs out. If the timer runs out only confirmed bets will be placed on the outcome. Chips that have been placed, but not confirmed, are returned to you. Please note: the game may not always be played on a timer.
  • When you are happy with your bets select the Spin button to start the game. The roulette wheel will spin, and when the ball and wheel have come to rest the results will be shown. Any winning bets will be highlighted on screen.
  • After any spin you will be given the option to do the following:
    • Rebet – places the same bet as the previous round.
    • Double – doubles the bet of the previous round.
    • Double & Spin – doubles the previous bet and starts the game again.
    • Rebet & Spin – places the same bet as the previous round and starts the game again.

Age of the Gods Bonus:

Unlike standard online roulette games, Age of the Gods Roulette has a special bonus game. There is an extra segment on the reel (coloured purple, featuring the Age of the Gods Logo), which you can place a bet on. If the ball lands on that segment – and you have placed a bet on it – then the Age of the Gods Bonus will be awarded. When this occurs:

  • A new screen will be launched.
  • On this screen a three reel slot machine will appear. You will be awarded three spins. The objective is to match three symbols on the payline. The payouts are described in a Paytable above the slot machine. These payout figures are multiplied by the value of the chip that you bet on the Bonus segment in the main game.
  • Click on spin to start the Bonus.
  • The current amount won is displayed on the bottom right of the screen.
  • The total amount won will be displayed after all three spins have been played, i.e. the bonus has ended.

Please note: while not every spin in the Bonus is guaranteed to be successful, you will nonetheless be guaranteed at least one win in the Age of the Gods Bonus.

Age of the Gods Jackpot:

This game features a Progressive Jackpot Game, linked to all games in the Age of the Gods and Marvel ranges.  The Jackpot Game is awarded randomly and independently of the main roulette game, thus a winning outcome is not needed in the main game.

A Progressive Jackpot is one that is funded by taking a small amount from each player’s wagers across all games that the jackpot is linked to. The idea is that the fund will grow and grow until it is won by a player. The casino provides a base amount to ensure that the jackpot(s) remains sufficiently large even if won twice in quick succession.

When the Jackpot Game is awarded you are guaranteed to win one of four Progressive Jackpots: Power, Extra Power, Super Power or Ultimate Power. The Jackpots are displayed at the top of the screen when you are playing Age of the Gods Roulette for real money.

When the Jackpot is awarded:

  • You are taken to a new screen, where you will find a 4x5 grid featuring 20 coins.
  • The four Progressive Jackpot award amounts are shown on the right of the screen.
  • You will be prompted to click on the coins to reveal symbols. Each symbol represents one of the four Jackpots. When you have revealed three matching symbols, you will win that particular Jackpot.

Please note: the Jackpot Game works on a timer. If you do not make your selections within that time, one of the Progressive Jackpots will be randomly awarded to you.

Please note: winnings (if applicable) from the main  roulette game are added together with the winnings from the Jackpot Game and displayed as a total win at the end of the game.

The Jackpot Game is awarded and funded as follows:

Seed amount (amount provided by casino for Jackpot Game):

  • Power €50
  • Extra Power €500
  • Super Power €5,000
  • Ultimate Power €100,000

Contribution rate (percentage taken from each wager by all players to fund the Jackpot):

  • 0.99%

Win condition (result needed to win the Progressive Jackpot):

  • Randomly awarded. A Progressive Jackpot is guaranteed by revealing three matching symbols.

Win requirements (how to be eligible for Jackpot award):

  • Play a casino game for real money from Age of the Gods or Marvel series.

Please note:

The Jackpot is displayed in Euro. You will be awarded the equivalent amount in GBP or your local currency.

The software ensures that a Jackpot cannot be won by two players simultaneously.

Table and Table Features:

The game screen will consist of two main parts: the wheel and the betting are (roulette table).

The roulette wheel is based on a traditional European one, numbered 1-36 with a zero and the Age of the Gods Bonus position.

The table is also based on the standard European version, with the exception of the Bonus position. It also has an extended Race Track, which allows you to place Tier, Orphelins, Voisins du Zero and Neighbour bets.

Favourite Bets:

The game software allows you to save your favourite betting patterns. Place the chips on the table as normal, and if you wish to save that exact bet click on the Favourite Bets button (represented by a star) then click Save Bets. You can save up to four bets for the game. If you wish to save any new best when you already have four saved, you must delete one first.

More Bets:

You can quickly place multiple bets using the More Bets option.

Final Bets allows you to place a bet on a number and all numbers with the same final digit, e.g. 2, 12, 22 and 32.

Complete and Half Complete allow you to bet on different bets that contain the same number. For example, a straight up bet on the number 20 with complete bets would also bet on every outcome that the number 20 is part of: splits 17-20, 19-20, 20-21 and 20-23 (2 chips), street bet 19-20-21 (3 chips), corners 16-17-19-20, 17-18-20-21, 19-20-22-23 and 20-21-23-24 (4 chips), lines 16-17-18-19-20-21 and 19-20-21-22-23-24 (6 chips).

History and Statistics:

The history of recent games is displayed in a box on the top right corner of the screen. It will also show the percentage of game outcomes covered by the current bets.

If you want more detailed statistics, click on the Statistics button (represented by a bar graph symbol) on the bottom right of the screen.   This will give you detailed analysis of the outcomes of previous games. You can also use this tool to place bets by clicking on a position on the roulette wheel graphic.

Auto Play:

You can play Age of the Gods Roulette in two different Auto Play modes: simple and advanced.

In simple mode you can set a number of games at the same bet to be played consecutively.

In advanced mode you can set a number of preconditions that will stop Auto Play, such as overall win amount or losses.

To use Auto Play you must first select your bets, then select the Auto Play button to choose the number of rounds you wish to play.

The advanced Auto Play menu will provide the following options:

Stop on any win – Auto Play will stop if you get a winning result.

Stop when win exceeds – Auto Play will stop if you win over a certain amount that you have pre-selected.

Stop when balance exceeds – Auto Play will stop if your balance reaches over a certain amount.

Stop when balance below – Auto Play will stop if your balance decreases to a certain amount.

Spins – choose from between 1 and 99 spins (rounds) after which Auto Play will stop.

Please note: if the game is on a timer, then bets are automatically confirmed when in Auto Play Mode.

You can stop Auto Play by clicking on the Stop Button (which replaces the Start button).

Auto Play will pause if you win either the Age of the Gods Bonus or Age of the Gods Jackpot. Click Continue to resume Auto Play after you have played the Bonus or Jackpot game.

Return to Player:

The theoretical RTP (Return to Player) is a maximum of 95.73% and a minimum of 94.74%. This is based on a long term average and not a guaranteed return for a single session.


The following buttons are used to perform actions:

  • Direction button – allows you to change the direction that the roulette wheel spins in.
  • Racetrack button – opens and closes the racetrack.
  • More Bets – opens the More Bets box.
  • Stats – opens the Statistics Box.
  • Favourites – opens the Favourites Bets options.

The following buttons are used to place bets and control the game:

  • Confirm Bets – confirms that a bet will be placed in the subsequent round.
  • Clear all Bets – removes all chips from the table. This removes unconfirmed bets only.
  • Rebet – place the same bet as the last round.
  • Spin – spins the wheel. This button changes to Stop when the wheel is in motion, click on this for faster results.
  • Rebet & Spin – place the same bet as the last round and start the game.
  • Rebet & Confirm – place the same bets as the last round and confirm bets.
  • Double & Spin – place double the bets as the last round and start the game.
  • Double & Confirm – place double the bets as the last round and confirm bets.
  • Undo – remove the last chip placed on the betting table.

Casino Toolbar:

The casino Toolbar runs along the bottom and top of the game screen. It contains the following displays and tools:

Game Balance – displays the current funds you have in your William Hill Casino account.

Cashier – opens the banking menu, allowing you to deposit/withdraw and access banking options.

Play for Real Money – this button will appear when you are playing Age of the Gods Roulette in Fun Mode. Click on it to switch to a real money game.

Menu (Tools) – selecting this will allow you to access the following:

  • History – see history of recent rounds.
  • Options – adjust audio settings, game speed, graphics etc.
  • Help – loads these info pages.

Close – exits the game and brings you back to the William Hill Casino main menu.

Quick Deposit:

This allows you to deposit quickly without opening the main banking menu. It may appear in a pop up screen (once per session) if your balance is running low.

Gadget Bar

If it is enabled, the Gadget Bar will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. It may contain casino min games and information on William Hill Bonus offers and bonuses.

Shortcut Keys:

You can use your keyboard to control the game in the following ways:

Tab – moves across and highlight the game buttons.

Enter – selects the currently highlighted button.

Spacebar – acts like rebet. Press once to place the previous bet. Press again to confirm and start the game.

Number keys – allow you to select chips. These are subject to change depending on your betting limit.

Note on malfunctions:

In the event of malfunction all bets are void, with the stake returned to the player.

Note on disconnections:

If you lose connection to the internet during a game, you can view the outcome when you log back into the casino and load the game once more. Click on the History option to see the outcome of the last game.