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  • First Buy-in Bonus
    18+ |Opt in required. New customers to Casino page only. 1 Bonus per customer. Min Buy in $10. Bonus value 100% of Buy in. Max Bonus $300. 40x wagering. Bonus expires 7 days from issue. Play Responsibly | Gamblingtherapy.org | Full Terms & Conditions apply.
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Online Casino Games - Rules Explained

Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus

5-Reel 25-line Slots4 -Tier Age of the Gods Jackpot!

The aim of playing Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus slot is to spin the reels and land matching symbols on the paylines. The slot also features some special Bonus Features, including a Free Games Bonus. This game is part of the Age of the Gods series; therefore you will also have the chance to win one of four Progressive Jackpots, which are offered across all the online casino games in the series.

How to Play:

  • Start by choosing your Line Bet. Do this by using the +/- buttons under the Line Bet Box on the bottom of the screen.
  • Next choose the number of paylines you wish to play, up to a maximum of 25. Do this by using the +/- buttons under the Lines Box. When you click on the +/- buttons the paylines will appear on screen to show how they appear on the reels.
  • The Total Bet is calculated as the Line Bet x Number of Lines. This is the amount deducted for each spin.
  • When you have selected your bets and paylines, click on the Spin Button to spin the reels and start the game. You can also spin the reels using the Bet Max Button; this spins the reels at the maximum number of paylines (25) for your chosen Line Bet.
  • If you wish, you can click on the Stop button (replaces Spin) when the reels are spinning to speed up the game.
  • When the reels have come to rest after a spin any winning combinations will be clearly highlighted on screen in the Win Field, with the winnings paid into your William Hill Casino balance.
  • All winning combinations are displayed on the Paytable. To calculate the value of a Line Win (matching symbols on a payline), multiply by the figure on the Paytable by the Line Bet. For a Scatter Win, multiply the relevant figure by the Total Bet.
  • Only the highest win is paid on each payline. Multiple wins can occur on different paylines; these are added together (along with any Scatter Wins) and paid as a total.

Info Page (Paytable):

The Paytable and other informational pages are opened by clicking on the Info button, which is located on the bottom left of the game screen. It contains information on game payouts, as well as several other pages containing information on the Prince of Olympus Bonus features and Age of the Gods Jackpot game. Use the arrows on the bottom right of the screen to move through the different pages. To exit, click on the Back button on the bottom left of the screen. The pages hold the following information:

Paytable – displays the values for all winning combinations (Line Wins and Scatter Wins).

Pantheon of Power Feature – gives information on the Pantheon of Power on Reels Feature.

Hydra Bonus – provides information on the Hydra Bonus, explaining how it is awarded and played.

Free Games – gives information on how the Free Games Bonus is awarded. It also explains the rules and features of the Free Games Bonus.

Age of the Gods Jackpot – describes the Age of the Gods Progressive Jackpot game. Explains how it is triggered and how you can win one of the four Progressive Jackpots.

Herculean Strength Bonus – describes the Herculean Strength Bonus, explaining how it is awarded and played.

Paylines – displays a graphic of all 25 paylines, showing how they would appear on the reels.


A payline is the pathway that matching symbols must follow from left to right across the reels to record a Line Win. You can choose to play from one to 25 paylines in Prince of Olympus slot. Their positions cannot be adjusted.

Please note: there is difference between the Line Bet and Total Bet. The Line Bet is the bet on each payline, whereas the Total Bet is the accumulative bet on all 20 paylines.

About Payouts:

All payouts are listed on the Paytable. For a Line Win, multiply the relevant figure by the Line Bet. For a Scatter Win, multiply by the Total Bet.

Only the highest win is paid on each individual payline. Wins on different paylines are added together (along with Scatter Wins) and paid as a total.

Wild Symbol:

The Wild Symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 only. It can substitute for all other symbols (except Bonus Scatter Symbols) to achieve Line Wins. The Wild Symbol can also trigger the Herculean Strength Feature; this will be explained in greater detail in a section below.

Scatter Symbol:

The Scatter Symbol – represented by the Hercules Logo – does not need to appear on any payline to be considered active. Instead, if three or more appear anywhere on screen you will win a cash amount, as well as being awarded the Prince of Olympus Free Games Bonus.

Hydra Bonus:

If the Hydra Bonus Symbols appear on reels 1 and 5 in a single spin you will be awarded the Hydra Bonus. When this occurs:

  • You are taken to a new screen, where you are prompted to ‘shoot’ arrows at the seven-headed Hydra.
  • Select a head for Hercules to shoot; doing so will reveal a multiplier (x1, x2, x3, x5, x8) of the Total Bet. You will initially shoot three heads.
  • When three heads have been shot to reveal your awards, another three heads will appear. Click on one to shoot an arrow and reveal the final multiplier (x2, x3, x5) which will multiply the accumulative total awarded in the first three ‘shots’. This will signal the end of the Hydra Bonus.
  • During the Hydra Bonus, the Hercules Rage feature can be randomly triggered. When this occurs, Hercules will smash all seven heads, awarding you all the multipliers. The bonus will then play out as normal.
  • When the Bonus has finished, your total win will be displayed and you will be return to the main game.

Please note:

  • The Hydra Bonus is not active during Free Games.

Free Games:

If you land three or more Scatter Symbols anywhere on screen you will be awarded 10 Free Games. When this occurs:

  • You will be prompted to press the Click to Start button.
  • The Free Games will play through automatically.
  • All wins during Free Games are subject to a 3x multiplier.
  • The current amount won is displayed in the Free Games Win box.
  • When all Free Games have been played, a summary screen will appear showing your total win.
  • If you land three or more Scatter Symbols on the reels during Free Games, you will be awarded a further 10 Free Games. The Scatter Win is also subject to the 3x multiplier.
  • The Herculean Strength Feature can be triggered during Free Games, whereas the Hydra Bonus is not active.
  • When Free Games have ended, click on the Continue button to return to the base game.

Herculean Strength Feature:

The Herculean Strength Feature can occur in two ways:

  • When you land a Wild Symbol in the centre position of the middle reel: all wins are paid as normal, then the symbol will expand to fill the entire reel. This will be held as wild for a further two respins.
  • When you land a Wild Symbol anywhere on reel 2, 3 and 4 at the same time: all wins are paid as normal, then the symbols will expand to entirely fill all three reels. These reels will be held as wild for one further respin.

Please note: the Line Bet and Number of Lines cannot be adjusted during the Herculean Strength Feature. They remain the same as the triggering spin.

Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus Jackpot:

Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus shares a Progressive Jackpot game with other games in the Age of the Gods series, as well as the range of Marvel Casino Games. The Jackpot Game is awarded to you randomly, although your chances are increased when playing for higher stakes.

You do not need to win in the main game to trigger the Jackpot Game. It is awarded randomly and is essentially independent of the main game.

When the Jackpot Game is triggered, you will be guaranteed to win one of four Progressive Jackpot awards: Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power.

A Progressive Jackpot works by taking a small percentage of each player’s wagers, which are put into a fund to grow the Jackpot. The casino will also provide a base amount, called a seed.

When the Age of the Gods Jackpot is triggered:

  • A new screen is opened, where you will find a 4x5 grid with 20 icons.
  • The four Progressive Jackpot award amounts are shown on the right of the screen.
  • You will be prompted to click on the icons to reveal symbols. Each symbol represents one of the four Jackpots. When you have revealed three of the same symbols, you will win that Jackpot.

Please note: the Jackpot Game works on a timer. If you do not make your selections within that time, one of the Progressive Jackpots will be randomly chosen for you.

Please note: winnings (if any) from the main game are added together with the winnings from the Jackpot Game and displayed as a total win at the end of the game.

The Jackpot Game is awarded and funded as follows:

Seed amount (base amount provided by casino for Jackpot):

  • Power €50
  • Extra Power €500
  • Super Power €5,000
  • Ultimate Power €100,000

Contribution rate (amount taken from each wager by each player to fund the Jackpot):

  • 0.99%

Win condition (result needed to win the Progressive Jackpot):

  • Randomly awarded. A Progressive Jackpot is guaranteed by revealing three matching symbols.

Win requirements (how to be eligible for Jackpot award):

  • Play a game from Age of the Gods or Marvel series.

Please note:

The Jackpot is in Euro. You will be awarded the equivalent amount in your currency.

Jackpots cannot be won by two players at the same time.

Return to Player:

The theoretical RTP (Return to Player) is a minimum of 93.83% and a maximum (including the Jackpot contribution) of 94.82%. This is based on a long term average and not a guarantee for a single session.


The following buttons appear on the game screen and are used to perform actions:

Info – opens the Paytable and Info pages.

Line Bet +/- – lets you increase or decrease the Line Bet.

Auto Play – allows you to set spins.

Turbo Mode – You can turn on or turn off Turbo Mode to increase or decrease game speeds.

Spin/ Stop – Spin the reels. Clicking on Stop will speed up the game animations for more rapid play.

Casino Toolbar

The Casino Toolbar is located on the bottom of the game screen. It displays the following:

Game Balance – shows the available funds you have available in your William Hill Casino account.

Cashier – opens the cashier (banking) menu, letting you deposit/withdraw and access banking options.

Play for Real Money – this button will appear when you are playing in Fun Mode or offline. Click on it to change to a real money game.

Menu (Tools) – selecting this will allow you to access the following:

  • History – see history of recent game outcomes.
  • Options – adjust audio, game speed, graphics etc.
  • Help – loads these info pages.

Close – exits the game and brings you back to the main casino menu.

Quick Deposit:

This allows you to deposit quickly without opening the main banking menu. It may appear in a pop up screen if your balance is running low.

Gadget Bar

When it is enabled, the Gadget Bar will appear on the right of the screen. It may contain casino min games and information on William Hill Bonus offers promotions.

Note on Disconnections:

If you become disconnected from the internet during a spin in the base game the spin will be completed. Any winnings will be awarded to you when you log in and open the game once more. You can view the outcome of the spin through the History option.

If you become disconnected from the internet during one of the Bonus Features – Hydra Bonus, Free Games, Herculean Strength – you can resume form the point you left of when you have established a connection once more.

If you lose internet connection during the Jackpot Game, one of the four Jackpots is automatically awarded to you. This will be displayed on screen when you return to the game.

If you lose internet connection when playing in Auto Play Mode, the next spin will be completed. However, no subsequent Auto Spins will be made.

In the event of malfunction all bets are void, with the stake returned to player.

Unresolved bets are considered void after 90 days.

How to play casino games

Here's a rundown of some of our most popular online casino games, including how to play them, and which offers the highest payouts.

Online slots

Online slots are played more than any other online casino games. They’re relatively simple to play, which makes them a great option for beginners. Slots can also offer large payouts, particularly for a jackpot win.

Playing slots online is very straightforward. The simplest form of online slots are three-reel slots, which are based on the traditional fruit machines you may have seen in arcades. In these slots, you’ll see three columns and three rows of symbols, with the middle row being the payline. You place your bet and spin the reel, and if you get a winning combination, you win the amount stated on the paytable.

There are many other kinds of slots online available at William Hill Canada, such as five-reel slots and video slots, but they essentially work in the same way. While the odds of winning at slots are slimmer than other online casino games, they do allow you to play with small stakes on a wide variety of slots. Slots with a jackpot offer a larger prize pool, so let’s have a look at those next.

Jackpot slots

The main difference between regular online slots and jackpot slots is that the former have a lower maximum payout. With jackpot slots, however, there are larger top prizes, sometimes offering up to a seven-digit win on just a single spin.

While 'jackpot' can refer to a fixed huge cash prize awarded during jackpot games, the term is also used to describe progressive slot games. For fixed jackpot slots the size of the jackpot is, well, a fixed amount. With a progressive slot, the size of the jackpot increases each time a player places a bet on the game. Progressive jackpot slots are a great way to add to your online gambling experience. These games can offer some of the most exciting experiences of all casino games, as they provide you with the chance to win the biggest payouts you'll find online.

Online roulette

Online roulette games consist of a wheel with spaces that are either red or black and are numbered from 1-36. This popular game is easy to learn and even easier to play. All you need to do is predict where the ball will land and place your bet. The roulette wheel then spins, and if it lands on where you placed your bet, you win.

You may think that only one variant of roulette exists in online casinos, as this is typically the case at real-world casinos. However, at William Hill Canada, you’ll find multiple variants available, including a European version with one zero, and an American version with two. You’ll also find a French version that offers slightly improved odds if you bet on an even-money proposition.

Online blackjack

To win at online blackjack, you need a higher number than the dealer without exceeding 21. You are dealt two cards and can ask for another card as many times as you want before you reach 21.

One of the great things about playing online blackjack is the number of variants available. At a real-world casino, you’re restricted to just one or two games, but you'll find more here at William Hill Canada, including Blackjack Scratch, Royale Blackjack, and Blackjack Super 21.

Live casino games online

This is where online casino technology really comes into its own. Some players enjoy the thrills provided by a real-life casino but also enjoy the convenience of playing online. Live casino offers the ultimate experience to these players. The only difference between playing live casino at home and playing at a land-based casino is that with the former, the action is live-streamed to your device.

You’ll be playing at real tables, with real cards, and with real croupiers dealing your cards or spinning the wheel. Depending on the game, you'll also be playing with other players from all over the globe. With the ability to enjoy live chat with both players and the dealer, live casino offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy an immersive experience while playing your favourite casino games online.

Enjoy free online casino games with casino bonuses

An online casino bonus is a great way to boost your balance with extra funds and make playing your favourite online slots even more fun. Casino bonuses come in a number of different forms and are applicable to a variety of online casino games.

Almost all casinos bonuses are subject to their own terms and conditions, but what you get back is certainly worth it. If you look at our current bonuses, you’ll see our welcome offer, along with any other offers we may have available. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all bonus, so just make sure to keep your eye on our bonus page in order to enjoy our selection of games the fullest.