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Space Hunter: Shoot for Cash

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Space Hunter: Shoot for Cash™

The objective of Space Hunter: Shoot for Cash™ is to obtain coins by shooting at and exploding the objects that fly on screen.


  • Click CONTINUE on the entry screen to enter the main game.
  • You can also click on DON’T SHOW NEXT TIME to skip entry screen next time you play.
  • The Bet Options Panel at the bottom of the game screen includes a gun, a TOTAL WIN field, BUYCHANGE BET, and AUTO RELOAD buttons.
  • Click BUY to buy one of the magazines and place a bet. Each magazine has a different number of bullets. You can also choose the shot base cost by clicking the '−' or '+' buttons.
  • Once you buy a magazine, the BUY button changes into the number of bullets you have.
  • When all your bullets are shot, the BUY field turns to a RELOAD button. Click RELOAD to instantly purchase and reload your ammunition with your last purchased magazine.
  • The TOTAL WIN field displays your total win per magazine.
  • The CHANGE BET button is disabled until the magazine is empty. Click this button to change the shot base cost.
  • Click the i button to open the paytable.
  • Click the AUTO RELOAD button to automatically reload the magazine when it runs out of bullets. This is based on your current base cost. You must choose the number of times the magazine automatically reloads. Once you have selected the desired settings, click START.
  • Click anywhere on the screen to manually shoot in that direction.
  • Upon a successful hit, the object will explode, and a prize is awarded according to the paytable.
  • 1 click anywhere on the screen shoots 1 bullet.
  • If you miss your shot, the bullets will bounce off the “walls” of the screen until they hit something.


To use the auto-fire function, click and hold anywhere on the screen. Stop holding to finish the auto-fire function.


The maximum win in the game has an upper limit. For more information, see the Terms and Conditions section.


Before entering Auto Reload mode you must set the Auto Reload session limitations. The set Auto Reload session limitations apply to only one Auto Reload session in the current game.

In the 'Responsible Gaming – Auto Play' dialog box, you can set the following:

  • Stop Auto Reload on overall loss of: (mandatory). The amount of money you can spend in the Auto Reload session. If you reach the set limit, Auto Reload will stop.
    Note that each Auto Reload bet reduces the set limit, and each Auto Reload win increases the remaining limit.
  • Stop on single win more than: Checkbox and win amount (optional). Auto Reload will stop if you win more than the set amount, on a single bet.
  • Stop Auto Reload on Big Win: Checkbox (optional). Auto Reload will stop when you win the Big Win. This limitation is available only for progressive games.

To save your settings and start the Auto Reload session, tap Confirm. To return to your regular gameplay, tap Exit.


In the game, there are 17 spaceships and 2 objects: the Supernova and the Free Shot symbols. Each spaceship has a different payout.

Payouts are listed on the Payouts screen. The prizes are multiplied by the shot base cost.

The bullet value is equal to the magazine bet divided by the total number of bullets in the magazine.

A Big Win is awarded when the large gold ship is destroyed. This is a fixed Big Win based on the shot base cost.


When the Supernova symbol is hit, it explodes, and multiple ships will be destroyed in its affected area. The Supernova symbol appears randomly on the screen.


The Free Shots feature is triggered when a special Free Shots symbol is destroyed. 1 of 3 modes is awarded randomly:

  • Power level 2 with 100 shots
  • Power level 5 with 40 shots
  • Power level 10 with 20 shots

When the Free Shot mode is awarded, the gun changes to a special Free Shot gun, and bullets change to special Free Shot bullets.

All the bullets are upgraded according to the power level; bullets cause more damage to shoot for free. When the feature is over, a pop-up message is shown, and the game returns to regular gameplay.

Note on disconnections: if you are disconnected from the Internet in the middle of the game, log in again into the casino. You will be automatically directed back to the game and you can continue the game from the point where it was broken. If you re-open the game without re-logging into the casino, the game will start from the very beginning. In both cases, your previous wins will be paid.

To check the results of your old games or find additional details about recent games, click the History button, available in the Menu. Use your regular username and password to log in and check the outcome of previous rounds of both desktop and mobile version of the game.

Note on malfunctions: a malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Note on unresolved bets: unresolved bets placed become void after 90 days.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.50%.