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Texas Hold'em against the House

Casino Hold’em is a live poker game featuring live dealers in a real-time stream. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer with a five-card poker hand. This live casino experience will raise your expectations of playing online blackjack, roulette and poker – playing live is a thrilling way to play!

To play Live Casino Hold’em:

  1. Wait until the game that is currently in progress in completed – it is a live game after all!
  2. Select the chip size you want to bet with by clicking on the corresponding chip.
  3. You must place an ante bet on the game table, then, if you wish, you can place an AA bet (betting that the first 5 cards dealt will include at least a pair of Aces). Another chip is added each time you click on the betting area. You can remove a chip by right-clicking. To remove all bets currently on the table, click ‘Clear bets’. Note that there is a timer displayed when placing bets, and your bets must be confirmed (using the ‘Confirm’ button) before the timer is up in order to be valid.
  4. The live dealer will now draw 2 cards face up to you, 2 cards face down to his/herself, and 3 cards to the flop. If by this stage your 2 cards + the 3 card flop contain at least a pair of Aces, you win the AS side bet. If you have any winning hands they will also be displayed to you.
  5. Choose whether you would like to call (continue to challenge the dealer) or fold (forfeit your bets and the game). If you choose to call, a bet worth double your ante will be added to the table. If you choose to fold, you will watch the rest of the game unfold and must wait until the next one in order to continue playing.
  6. The live dealer will now draw an additional 2 cards to the flop, and reveal his/her own 2 cards.
  7. The strongest possible poker hand that you can make using the 5 card flop and your own 2 cards are now displayed to both you and the dealer. If it is stronger than the dealer’s, you win! If it is weaker, then your bets are lost. Any winnings are paid to you automatically and immediately.
  8. To place the same bets as before click ‘Rebet’. Otherwise, continue the steps above to alter your bets accordingly.

Hand ranking:

  • The dealer must have a pair of 4’s or better in order to qualify for a win – otherwise, your call bets are returned to you and your ante is paid out (as per the paytable)
  • If the dealer’s hand has qualified and you still have won, your call bet is paid out 1:1 and your ante paid out as per the paytable (based on the strength of your hand)
  • If you and the dealer have equally strong hands, then your highest ranking card from those that remain will determine who wins. Similarly, if you both have similar types of hands, the higher card is that which wins (eg: 3 kings is higher than 3 queens)
  • Ace can be both the highest or lowest ranking card, depending on the hand it is in.


A winning hand for the Ante or AA Bet will be paid according to the table below:

Winning Hand

AA Bet Payout:

Ante Bet Payout:

Royal Flush

100 – 1

100 – 1

Straight Flush

50 – 1

20 – 1

Four of a Kind

40 – 1

10 – 1

Full House

30 – 1

3 – 1


20 – 1

2 – 1

Straight or Lower

7 – 1

1 – 1


These buttons are needed when playing Live Casino Hold’em Poker:

Clear Bets – removes all chips from the table and starts again.

Call – doubles the Ante Bet and continues play in the round.

Fold – forfeits all bets and ends the round.

Rebet – makes the same bet as the previous round.

Confirm Bet – confirms the bets that are currently placed on the table. Unconfirmed bets will not be accepted in this game round.

Tip – gives the live dealer a tip. Place a chip on the Tip Stack and press Confirm to tip the live dealer.

Game window:

There are three panels on the top half of the game window:

Live Dealer Feed:

The main video of the live dealer is in the centre of the screen. Click the button on the top left of the screen to hide the feed. Click again to show the feed again. You can switch to several different views by clicking the numbered buttons.

Full Window Mode:

Click on the button on the top right of the screen to enable Full Window Mode (if available). This will enlarge the screen and integrate the betting table into the main feed. Click on the Simple Mode button on the top right of the screen to go back to the standard view.

Game Information Panels:

The left-hand panel will show the bet and win amounts for the current round.

The right-hand panel will give information such as the name of the dealer.

Chat Panel:

Type a message into the Chat Panel and click Send. Your message will appear on screen.

Casino Toolbar:

The Casino Toolbar runs along the upper and lower edges of the screen. It holds tools and information specific to the game and your William Hill Casino account:

Game Balance – shows your current remaining balance to play online casino games.

Cashier – select to launch the main banking menu. You can use the Cashier to make a withdrawal or deposit. It can also be used to explore other options like your transaction history.

Play for Real Money – press to play online casino games for real money. Please note that this option is only applicable if you are playing games in Fun Mode.

Menu – click to access the following further tools and help options:

  • History – see recent round results.
  • Options – adjust general settings, including audio and speeds.
  • Help – open this rules page/help guide.
  • Online Support – contact casino customer service.

Close – press to end the current game session and return to the casino lobby.

Quick Deposit – add funds to your account without opening the Cashier. A list of deposit options can appear in a pop up window (once per session) if your balance drops below a certain level.

Gadget Bar – choose a gadget (if at least one is enabled) from the menu on the right-hand side of the screen. The gadgets can include mini casino games, which can be played alongside the main game. The Gadget Bar can also hold information on casino bonus offers and promotions from William Hill.

Note on Disconnections:

If internet connection is lost while playing a game round, you can re-establish your connection and log into the casino again. At that point, you will be redirected back to the standard (non-live) version of Casino Hold’em to finish playing the round. Only the cards that were on the table at the point of disconnection will be carried over to finish the round. In some instances, the dealer’s cards will be revealed in the live feed after the disconnection. These cards will not be carried over.

Note on Malfunctions:

A game malfunction will void all bets.